We are a local business committed on providing a professional work for any type of projects.
Available in Carmel area, Monterey, Marina...
Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm
We can take care of all of the maintenance and repairs that your home needs all year around.
We can install new appliances as well as build custom cabinets and closets. Fix your fence, windows and doors...
We are taking a number of actions to protect the health and well-being of our partners and customers and to control the spread of COVID-19 in accordance with the expert guidance of the CDC and local public health authorities including enhanced cleaning measures, additional precautions and safety protocols.


  • Rough carpentry.

  • Trim/Finish carpentry.

  • Cabinet installation.

  • Dresser/Wardrobe installation.

  • Storage design and installation.

  • Doors and windows repair.

  • Glass, locks, key less lock installation.

  • Garage doors repair.

  • Roofing and gutters repair/installation.


  • Indoor painting.

  • Outdoor painting.

  • Sheetrock repair and preparation.

  • Finish paint (doors, frames and trims).


  • Internet connected surveillance systems installations (Nest, Amazon, Lorex)

  • Connected locks installation.


And more...
Tiles and wood flooring installation.
Fences and gates (repair and installation).
  • Residential electrical maintenance.

  • Lights and fixtures exchange/installation. 

  • Electric switch/dimmers installation.

  • Appliances installation.

  • Ceiling fans installation.

  • Residential plumbing maintenance.

  • Replace your faucets, pipes, and toilets.

  • Appliances installation.

  • Drain Cleaning Services.

  • Fixture Repair, Replacement, and Installation.

  • Sewer Line Blockage Cleaning.



About the French Handyman Services...


Said Moummad was born in Morocco and raised in France in a suburb of Paris. While his early career in banking and finance gave him a background in business, it was working by his father’s side as a young man that gave him the passion for quality craftsmanship and the art of fixing things. Said is not your average handyman. In addition to the usual handyman services like fixing plumbing issues, installing light fixtures and building and assembling storage systems, Said is skilled in handyman 2.0 capabilities such as installing smart home systems and application driven home services.  He is also a highly skilled craftsman able to build custom cabinets.  He has many skills and is consistently driven by the pursuit of quality.


I am a manager of a condominium building in Oakland. As such I hire numerous handymen for needed repairs and upgrades.  Mr. Moummad has done many repairs here involving carpentry, painting, lock repair, electrical, and design. Some of these jobs lasted a week or more; some only a couple of hours.  I highly recommend him to anyone who respects quality work and integrity.  His work involves both.

Donald D


Discovering The French Handyman Service was life changing for me.  Once I hired Said to do one project, I realized how skilled he was and I ended up using him for a variety of things from custom build projects to lighting installation and fence repair.  Everything was done to the highest quality.


Barbara B
Carmel Valley




  • Monterey County

  • Santa Cruz County

  • Santa Clara County

  • Alameda County


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